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Hi, I'm Jonathan Wicks- Founder of Well & Good Professional Services. I believe the future of business is in creating win/win situations. Too often, businesses and industries have chosen between this or that- a win for one group or another. The future is in creating solutions that allow for an "and". This philosophy is desperately needed in the short-term rental industry. It is one with so many tremendous upsides, but the downsides can be very real as well. The long-term viability and impact of our industry will be shaped in the coming years, and our commitment is firm- any property that is serviced by Well & Good will create win/win situations for all parties involved. I've further outlined this below, and I'm always happy to have a conversation about this or anything else W&G. I'm grateful for your time. 

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Jonathan Wicks
  • So what do you do exactly?
    Well & Good provides services for every item needed at a property between short term rental guests. This includes professional cleaning, off-site laundering/linen servicing and supplying guest essential . Anything that's needed to ensure the property is fully guest ready.
  • What markets do you service?
    We are active in: - Phoenix / Scottsdale, AZ - Flagstaff/Sedona, AZ - Sarasota/ Anna Maria Island, FL - Boise, ID - Galveston, TX - Dallas, TX - Omaha, NE - Tulsa, OK - Chicago, IL - Colorado Springs, CO - Denver, CO - Lake of the Ozarks Have a market that really needs Well & Good? Use our contact form at the bottom of the page!
  • What does your standard "turn" service include?
    A LOT! A quick list of the highlights: - Professional Hotel Style Clean - Professional (off site) laundering of all linens and towels - ALL guest essential items to make a home guest ready including paper products, soaps, consumable items, etc. - Photos of every room after the clean as well as the inside of all appliances. All uploaded in real time. (We'll also document and communicate any damages, etc)
  • Have you ever missed a clean?
    Ahhh now that's a great question. Everyone has heard of the nightmares hosts face in having a guest arrive at a property that's totally trashed because the cleaners didn't show up. It's a real fear, and we get it. In the midst of a global pandemic and the largest labor shortage of our generation, Well & Good has had VERY rare situations where a home wasn't fully guest ready in time. Having smart scheduling is the key. We rely on accurate calendars, and our hosts providing accurate info for us is critical. In the few instances when a schedule wasn't relayed to us properly, we have worked quickly and activated our reserve teams immediately to ensure the guests were cared for. We are incredibly proud of the fact that if we are aware of the clean being needed, it gets done! Our team of committed professionals know the importance of what we do, and we stress the importance of good calendar integration and systems that allow us to quickly react and pivot when the unexpected does happen.
  • Can I use my own accent pillows or blankets on beds?
    Yes. Many hosts use accents to add pops of color, support a theme, etc, and we're happy to accommodate! When those items need laundering, we will do so on site (only time we'll do on site laundry) so they stay with the home.
  • Is it expensive?
    By bundling the cleaning, laundry and guest essentials cost, we provide the best overall value to hosts- especially those who are unable or would rather not visit their property between each stay. When factoring our price, it is key for hosts to not only compare what they may have been paying for a typical cleaning service, but also the expenses and time factor of consumables and linen/laundering services. That's when the value is really felt!
  • I want to stay at a property serviced by Well & Good- how do I find them?
    We don't blame you!! We have so many amazing hosts, visit here to see our list of partners.
  • What type of linens and consumables do you use?
    We use high quality, all white, cotton blend linens. Think Courtyard by Marriot or Hilton in regards to the type and style of linens. They will always be bright white, professionally laundered and presented well!
  • Are you a host?
    No, we do not host the homes we service. We partner with great hosts who rely on us for all of the necessary parts of the turnover process including cleaning, linens and guest essentials.
  • Do you take a percentage of rental revenue?
    No. All of our services are completed on a flat rate basis based on the specific details of the service. Your revenue as a host is your business, and it does not factor into our fees.


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