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Market Leader

Are you looking for a place where you will feel valued and compensated for the work you do, but also join a high-performing team where you have the support you need to be successful? Well & Good is seeking professionals who will partner with us to ensure our hosts properties are professionally cleaned and guest ready. We will provide the training, handle the scheduling, and all interactions with the host so you can focus on providing an exceptionally clean home. The goal is to provide win/win solutions for every property we service.

What You Bring

  • Ability to network and build a local team of cleaning professionals

  • Support/advice in locating the best place for shipment of Well & Good products as well as a facilitation center where professionals will be picking up and dropping off items

  • Pioneering energy and flexibility of schedule

  • Field experience that includes leading cleaning teams and completing quality checks for short-stay homes

What We Bring

  • Training and professional mentorship with an experienced Well & Good leader

  • All tracking of payments to cleaning professionals

  • Facility costs and purchasing of linens and all guest essentials

  • Our corporate support structure to assist in onboarding new teammates and new properties

  • Platform that integrates all calendars for homes and allows for easy scheduling based on automated workflows

  • Market Leader compensation based on an established daily rate for all work completed whether in field, training, inspecting or facilitating

  • Bonus structure established that allows Market Leader to feel the benefits of growth and market expansion

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